I endorse these crowdfunding initiatives


I’ve been more active lately in crowd-funding stuff I like. In the interest of spreading that love, here are some of the things I’ve contributed to that are still funding:

Enigmatic Escapes: Secret of the Study, an Escape Room. RPI grad and larp pal of mine Steve Kohler is trying to get the seed money to start an escape room business in Troy, NY. This one is down to about two days and they still need ~$400, so if you’re interested, definitely chip in now!

What Ho, World! – A roleplaying game of farce and elegance. You know I love all things Wodehousian, and this is right up my alley. It appears to be a storytelling card game, or a card-based RPG, in the absurd world that never was of the British upper classes in the 1920s and ’30s. I like that the various roles you can take on are not exclusively white and dudely, and the stretch goals, of course, entice me — the alternate settings, with awesome titles like “Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen” and “The Butler on the Threshold.” This one probably doesn’t need more support, but it is still so delightful to me…

And for one that’s not a Kickstarter…

Wondering WTF, WFC? Fund diversity scholarships!

Once again World Fantasy Convention has shit the bed, offering us such quality panel titles as “Spicy Oriental Zeppelins.” This initiative seeks to somewhat mitigate that awfulness — “support this campaign, and receive a snarky ribbon registering your support for moving SFF out of the past and into the future.” The funds raised benefit Con or Bust and SLF, two organizations that provide scholarships to PoC to attend SFF conventions.

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