Current Projects


A Lioness Embarked. Adult fantasy of manners. A reimagining of The Three Musketeers from the point of view of the antagonists (Milady de Winter in particular, who I’ve also felt Dumas did wrong). It’s liberally sprinkled with queer characters, polyamory, frockery, and bad innuendos. In order to repay a life debt, diplomat (read: spy) Yfre must unravel a conspiracy to assassinate the Empress she hates. Third and FINAL draft complete at ~145k words; currently working on line edits.

Gods and Fathers. Adult fantasy. Just your average story in an Indian-inspired setting about a god-touched prince, his abducted adopted daughter, and what happens when her birth family, and a certain god, conspire to come between them. It has bookish apes made sentient by divine word-magic, prostitutes who double as priestesses, and a couple of love stories with same. Trunked/backburned.

Short stories

“Powder of Sympathy,” 4100 words, fantasy/secret history. In which the “wickedest man in the world” Aleister Crowley and Irish fantasist Lord Dunsany totally banged. Trunked/backburned.

“Remember to Die,” 700 words, magic realism with death and cake. Trunked/backburned.

“Granny Hubbard vs. the Giant Slime,” 1000 words, fantasy. Includes Golden Girls-watching grannies and the magical powers of posole. On submission.

“The Mirrors of Her Eyes,” 1400 words, fantasy. On submission.

“Pinions,” 1400 words, fantasy. On submission.

“The Battle on Christ’s Mass,” 1000 words, fantasy. In an alternate history where the German states didn’t become Christian until the 19th century, Prince Albert serves as diplomat to some angry priests of Thor.


I still occasionally write fanfic. The decade-old stuff can be found on or AO3 if you know where to look, but there’s also this:

“Drinking Greef at the End of the World,” 2111 words, Elder Scrolls universe (specifically Morrowind). Baar Dau has fallen, and the Red Year has begun. What does this mean for the last living dwarf and Vvardenfell’s most powerful, most eccentric wizard?


I’m occasionally involved in Codex Writers’ Group, a selective writing group aimed at new SFF professionals.

I’m a graduate of Viable Paradise 17, and keep in contact with students from many different years.