Lise watches a star war, and talks about it

(There will be spoilers in this post, but the first part is not spoilery)

So I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week.

How was it?

Tentatively, I say, wonderful.

Why “tentative?” Well, I’m old enough to remember seeing The Phantom Menace in theaters, and what my reaction was then. The hype was so strong that at first I told myself I enjoyed it. It took a long time to realize just how bad it was.

TFA is not a perfect movie. (What movie is?). I’ll talk about what bugged me later on in this post. But I spent most of the movie rapt, feeling glee and sorrow and nostalgia and awe — that all important element of SFF! — at all the right moments.

That is more than the sterile prequels ever did for me.

Okay, there will be actual

… after this point.
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