KOTN does Antorus the Burning Throne

The new WoW raid tier — the final raid in Legion, unless Blizz does a bamboozle — came out last week, and my guild (Knights of the Night, US-Duskwood/Bloodhoof-Alliance) was there!

Right now we’ve downed everything on Normal difficulty but Argus the Unmaker (the final boss); we probably would have gotten him this week if we extended our lockout. But our philosophy right now is kinda “after this there’s probably going to be a content drought until the next expansion,” so we’re in no particular hurry.

So, observations:

– We got the server-first kill of Garothi Worldbreaker (the first boss) on Normal. This is not a particularly notable accomplishment; it just reflects that we raid on Tuesday night. We have since been surpassed by most of the heroic raiding guilds that update their stats to warcraftlogs (and the one mythic raiding guild on our server).

– On Felhounds of Sargeras, this exchange happened:

“They’re good dogs, Illidan.”
“But are these puppers, doggos, or woofers?”
“The purple one is a doggo, and the other one is a woofer, clearly”
“Apologies for asking such an obvious question.”

– Also the Felhounds make noises that remind me of the hounds in Don’t Starve.

– I wonder how many groups have wiped to the SURPRISE BOSS that spawns right in front of a teleporter.

– Eonar’s tower defense game is kinda fun. “Did she just invite us to walk through her legs to her grove?”

– Our tanks haaaaate Varimathras — since basically their job is to STAND ABSOLUTELY STILL, occasionally taunt, and become unhealable for 7 seconds at a time. We had a few awkward wipes at first, as they worked to get the positioning right; now it’s just a boring tank and spank.

(I didn’t believe the Fatboss guides when they called it a “Patchwerk-style fight”; those don’t exist any more, really. But while it does have SOME mechanics, if you’re not a tank your job is basically to move between two spots on the floor and heal or dps. If you’re not a melee dps, that’s pretty much all you need to worry about on Normal).

– “I guess we’re all just disappointed that Varimathras wasn’t Jaina.” “So Blizz made this fight even more disappointing?”

– On the contrary, our tanks looooove the Aggramar fight, mostly due to the wacky Taeshalach maneuver.

– Compared to Mistress Sasszine’s fishy death laser in Tomb, Hasabel’s distinctly non-fishy death laser is inferior.

– The Torment of Norgannon in the Coven of Shivarra fight has been dubbed “creepy old man wall.”

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