Links & Accomplishments, 10/8/2017 to 10/14/2017


One of my Indian coworkers taught me about Karwa Chaut, a holiday celebrated largely in northwestern India by married women, which took place ~ a week ago now. I find the interplay of secular regional customs and religion interesting in most holiday celebrations, and in this example even moreso.

Brief Update

Things are… okay. My cat Brianna is doing better — all her tests for the Really Bad Stuff came back negative. Asthma seems likely. At this point she’s on steroids, and will be for at least three weeks. Antibiotics, too, in case it’s some sort of bacterial infection/pneumonia. It’s kind of “wait and see” now, since we don’t really know what might have triggered her.

Oh, and we have a working septic system again. When Roto Rooter came out with the camera, they fished out a giant root ball that the cleaning had dislodged, and noted a lot of “ground mammal” activity around where the pipe from the house met the mainline. Manfully, Matt did not ask if we should call in Bill Murray to help.

On the ulnar neuropathy front, I saw the orthopedist this morning and I’m going to need to have ulnar release, an outpatient surgery. No schedule for that yet, and it’s not certain it will even help, because nerves are finicky, and the ulnar nerve moreso. But my hand has already been numb for over a month; I don’t have a lot to lose.

The final Fifth Gate Silverfire game was this past weekend. (The final combined event is still to come, in December). I had a really hard time getting into it, due to all the real life stuff going on. By the time I did, the game was over! But I have to say, the big field fight on Saturday night, right after dinner, was pretty epic. It had BALLISTA and DOGS and also now we get to call Friedrich (Stephen G’s character) “Your Grace”, whether he likes it or not 🙂

In WoW, I have been leveling a druid (a male worgen named Wodehouse. This name entertains me, if no one else). He’s 66 as of this writing. So far druidry is one part “I can loot stuff from travel form without shifting? HAX REPORTED” to one part “WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE BUTTONS?”

I’m leveling as Guardian, because I want to learn how to tank on the most ridiculously overpowered tank in the game, and because it’s easy to get groups this way. I haven’t been exclusively doing dungeons to level — because I hate PUGs almost as much as I hate Outland questing — but enough to learn my way around and get some dungeon quest XP.

I think quest mobs must be very confused when a raven drops out the sky, turns into a bear, and kills them.

Oh, and my social media hiatus ends today! So I can actually check your responses to this post on FB or whatnot. I’m still figuring out how I want to fit social media healthily into my life. It’s clear to me that I do better, mentally, when I don’t have a million voices shouting at me at the touch of a button. It helps me to focus on my friends, my projects, and what’s really important. But… I also really miss the interaction that happens with other larpers on FB, especially post-events.


– Did 30m of editing on Lioness
– Wrote 3500 words on the Story That Should Not Be, a.k.a. the story in the world of Lioness. I have come up with at least three titles, all of which sound like formula romances.
– Wrote blog post “Almost Glorious: Notes on a Nearly-Irrelevant Legion Raid Achievement”

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Silicon Valley Sexism”, part 1 and 2
– Listened to Writing Excuses 12.37 and 12.38
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Problematic Faves: Judge Judy”
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Pregnant in Prison”
– Got the Glory of the Legion Raider achievement in WoW

– Did Zombies Run! Season 2 Episode 1 (2.65mi in 43:42)
– Did ZR S2E1 (2.40mi in 37:25)

Picture of the Week

Burnbright and Brianna are Friends. For now, at least.

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