Accomplishments, 10/29/2017 to 11/4/2017

Brief Update

Urk. Daylight Savings Time. I’m going to blame this for the fact that I feel groggy and like everything is insurmountable today. Or maybe it’s the four weekends of larp in a row. Or maybe it’s Mondays. Anyway, have some bullet points:

  • Looks like I finally have a date (maybe?) for surgery for my ulnar neuropathy — next Monday! I still have no idea what time, though!
  • One of the electrical circuits in our house seems to be fried, post-returning from Shadowvale.
  • Also in post-SV funtimes news, we broke the rear windshield of the Subaru leaving site, and had to drive the 40 miles home with a seashell-patterned tablecloth over the back of the car. We avoided decidedly non-whimsical state troopers, and it’s now repaired, thankfully.
  • I only NPCed Friday of Mad3, in the dim hopes of getting some rest. Instead I still royally fucked up my sleep schedule, and all I have are regrets that the Emerald Baroness had to miss the Harrowing masquerade.
  • Brianna seems to be doing okay?
  • I leave in ~10 days for England!


– Read “White Fox,” by L.P. Lee, Podcastle #492
– Read “The Fall Shall Further the Flight in Me,” by Rachael K. Jones, Podcastle #493

– PCed event 2 of Shadowvale
– NPCed for Friday night of Madrigal 3 event… 7?

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind: “MSG: Umami and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”, “Creepypasta 4: More SCP, Polybius, and Grifter,” and “The Monstrosity/Cuteness Spectrum”
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class, “Carl Tanzler’s Corpse Bride”
– Watched the RiffTrax of Mind Ripper, a little-known (for good reason) Wes Craven movie
– Got the Hallowed Be Thy Name achievement in WoW
– Listened to Larpcast #101, “Staff Qualities”
– Listened to By the Book, “Bonus Episode: Season One Wrap-Up”

– Had an appointment with an endocrinologist
– Took a 1.4mi walk
– Zombies Run supply run, 1.45mi in 23:02
– ZR airdrop mission, 1.67mi in 34:39 (just a walk, no running)

Picture(s) of the Week

Okay, I have to share both a Shadowvale and a Mad3 pic.

Fellow SV player Paul F (Gideon), snapped this pic of Melusina playing cool on Saturday of the event.

My new Mad3 NPC, Lady Ironwright, a Blacktallow noblewoman who was bound to a demon to save her life. The PCs got to rescue her from her demonbound captors this event. If there’s anything cuter than demon horns and a tiny hat, I’d like to know what.

Accomplishments, 10/22/2017 to 10/28/2017

Brief Update

Last week was not a great one for me in terms of productivity. Seasonal depression is sneaking in, and I’m recovering physically from two weekends of larp in a row, which means I spend a lot more time in WoW collecting candy buckets for the Halloween event, and a lot less time running or writing or whatnot.

That said, Shadowvale this past weekend was amazing, and instantly returned all my larp floon to me. More about that later, perhaps.


Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “The Creepypasta Experiments,” “Listener Mail: Media and Memory”, and “Creepypasta 3: The SCP Foundation”, “Only Child Syndrome: Brats, Myths, and Little Emperors”
– Listened to Larpcast #94, “Customer Service.” I’ve gotten behind on this podcast…

– Staffed event 2 of Tales from the Cotting House
– Wrote PEL for 5G Silverfire event 6

– Completed the Code School “Try JQuery” course. (Mostly stuff I already knew, but I learned a few things).

– Took a 1.4mi walk

Picture of the Week

What it looks like when I pack for Shadowvale… a pile o’ black.

Links & Accomplishments, 10/15/2017 to 10/21/2017


Being Organized Is A Gift I Give Myself And Other People, by Rachel Wilkerson Miller. This was mentioned in the SMNTY episode I listened to this week, and it resonated strongly with me. I’ve been told I seem like an organized person, but honestly a lot of the time I feel like a total flake who’s just barely keeping it together. Viewing organization as something that requires effort — loving effort, emotional labor-type effort — felt like a paradigm shift for me. I’d pull-quote the whole article if I could, but this stood out to me:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that being chronically, perpetually disorganized sends a message to the people who are always on the receiving end of the excuses: “I don’t value your time.” “It’s OK if I inconvenience you.” “I didn’t really consider how this might affect you.” “Your needs are not a priority to me.” Being flaky isn’t cute; it’s disrespectful. This isn’t the intention, of course. (And, in fact, most of the disorganized people I know are actually trying to make too many people happy.) But the reality is that being close to someone who is consistently all over the place requires a tremendous amount of emotional labor — reminding them to please take care of that task; making adjustments to your own schedule to accommodate their last-minute changes; worrying that you’re nagging them; having to say “it’s fine” and “no worries” every time they drop the ball, because god forbid you are anything other than a chill girl with no feelings.


– Did 30m editing on Lioness

– Finished Timeless, by Gail Carriger

Other Media
– Watched RiffTrax of Kill and Kill Again
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “The Surprising Benefits of Journaling”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin #135
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Six Ghost Stories”
– Listened to several episodes of Stuff You Missed in History Class: “The Green Children of Woolpit”, “The Motherhood of Mamie Till-Mobley”, “SYMHC Classics: Voynich Manuscript Update”, and “The Mysterious Disappearance of Theodosia Burr Alston”

– Wrote and submitted Mad3 PEL
– Attended Fifth Gate Silverfire event 6 (the final SF event!)
– Did a fuckton of printing for Tales event 2

– Had an appointment with the hand specialist
– Had my annual physical
– Got a flu shot
– Zombies Run! S2E3 (2.71mi in 43:15)
– Zombies Run supply run (0.83mi in 12:20)
– Did some freeform core exercises: 10 x jackknives, alternate heel touchers, crunches, dead bugs (was going to do Ninja Fitness, but apparently it doesn’t work with iOS11!)
– ZR S2E4 (2.44mi in 38:54)

– Completed a developer self-directed day on CSS Grid Layout, building a dummy version of one of our homepages.

Rejection Log

– 9 day rejection from FFO for “Granny Hubbard vs. the Giant Slime”
– 11 day rejection from Uncanny for “The Mirrors of Her Eyes”

Links & Accomplishments, 10/1/2017 to 10/7/2017

Brief Update

Expressed with pluses and minus:

+ Matt’s and my 13th anniversary was yesterday, celebrated with a trip to the happiest place on Earth: the Melting Pot.
+ I wrote ~7000 words this weekend on a new story!
+ Our guild finally downed Kil’jaeden in heroic Tomb of Sargeras in WoW.

– Ulnar neuropathy is status quo. Still numb. It might be getting better, but infinitely slowly.
– The story I’m working on is best titled The Story That Shouldn’t Be, because it has no audience except me. It’s basically a fantasy romance, but people who haven’t read Lioness have no reason to care about these characters, and people who have are more likely to wonder why I’m writing the pairing I’m writing. In answer: because it tickles me.
– Internet has been on the fritz, and has picked delightful times to just stop working — like in the middle of heroic Sisters of the Moon, with me healing and Matt tanking.
– Our septic system started backing up again this weekend! Seeing as we just had the tank emptied in August, this meant a blockage. We had an emergency visit from Roto Rooter, and someone is coming with a camera later this week to make sure the main line hasn’t collapsed. Again.
– My cat Brianna has been wheezing for five days or so now. We took her to the vet after it started, not too alarmed, as she was still eating and being her normal bitchy self. They told us it was probably some sort of sinus infection and gave us antibiotics, saying it didn’t seem like there was any lung involvement. There was no improvement, and in fact it seemed to get worse, so Matt took her to the emergency vet this morning. They saw definite lung involvement, so she’s now on oxygen and steroids, with a probable diagnosis of asthma or pneumonia. (And hopefully not heartworm or lungworm or lung cancer…)
– I fucked up my sleep schedule something awful this weekend, and ended up awake until… I don’t even know. 4 or 5 or 6am. So now I am taking a sick day because I am a wreck.


I went looking for the origin of New Englanders’ love of Dunkin’ Donuts, and somehow ended up on a couple of essays by Michael Deresiewicz on The American Scholar, the magazine of Phi Beta Kappa. They synergized well with the current stuff going through my head about deep work, thanks to my recent read of Cal Newport’s book of the same name.

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education. I identified a lot with this one, having attended Vassar, which is a Seven Sisters college. In particular, this quote explains why I tend to struggle to build a writing career — I feel like it should be easier than it is:

They were talking about trying to write poetry, how friends of theirs from college called it quits within a year or two while people they know from less prestigious schools are still at it. Why should this be? Because students from elite schools expect success, and expect it now. They have, by definition, never experienced anything else, and their sense of self has been built around their ability to succeed. The idea of not being successful terrifies them, disorients them, defeats them.

I also enjoyed Deresiewicz’ essay on Solitude and Leadership.


– Attended writing group
– Did ~2h of work on Lioness edits
– Wrote 2800 words on a new story in the world of Lioness
– Submitted “The Mirrors of Her Eyes” to Uncanny Magazine
– Submitted “Granny Hubbard” to Flash Fiction Online

– Read “Fluency”, by Matt Mikalatos, in Flash Fiction Online

Other Media
– Watched the RiffTrax of Oblivion — not the Tom Cruise movie, but a cheesy 90s sci-fi Western with George Takei as a drunken old-timey doctor making terrible Star Trek jokes (i.e. as he takes a swig of whiskey, “Jim Beam me up”). My commentary on this was largely, “This is the worst Sparks Nevada fanfic I’ve ever read.”
– Listened to Food Stuff, “You Butter Believe It’s a Two-Parter: Part 2”
– Listened to Food Stuff, “You Say Tomato, I Say Wolfpeach”
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Bicameralism, Part 2: The Silent Pantheon.” I find the theory of the bicameral mind utterly fascinating, all the while admitting it seems improbable. However, I might use it to explain the differences between the two different types of uplifted creatures in Gods and Fathers, if I ever go back to that novel…
– Listened to Writing Excuses 12.34 – 12.36
– (finally finally finally) Downed Kil’jaeden in heroic Tomb of Sargeras, and got that cherished Ahead of the Curve achievement. (With a month to spare until Antorus comes out!) It was, as all our first kills are, “clean as fuck” — with only one tank, one healer, and two DPS surviving to the end. I survived until about 4% (I was the third and definitely weakest healer, on my resto shaman), but fuck phase three, fuck those obelisks, fuck that blazing orb, fuck Gravity Squeeze.

– Had dinner at Cracker Barrel post-Madrigal with EB
– Celebrated my 13th anniversary with Matt at The Melting Pot

– 1.4mi walk
– Did Zombies Run! S1E22 (2.44mi in 37:56)
– Did Zombies Run! S1E23 (1.90mi in 29:31) — and with that, finished season one!
– Had a massage

Rejection Log

– 10 day rejection from DSF for “Granny Hubbard vs. the Giant Slime”
– 12 day rejection from Fireside for “The Mirrors of Her Eyes”

Picture of the Week

Well, of course I had to share the pic from our heroic KJ kill. (I’m the dwarf shaman Terbodhna, hiding behind Aegwynn and looking fabulous…)

KotN heroic KJ kill, with Illi-chan, because Zallak insisted.

We’re apparently going to group up with another guild to try mythic tonight. What a shitshow that’s going to be… I watched the video for Sisters of the Moon and was like NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Note: As last week, I’m still on my social media hiatus, so comment here or message me if you want to chat about anything in particular…

Links & Accomplishments, 9/24/2017 to 9/30/2017


I was feeling down due to my ongoing ulnar neuropathy, so EB sent me this to cheer me up: A Portrait of James I’s ‘Husband’ Has Reappeared in Glasgow. Many of you may know my interest in, as I have joked, “hot historical homosexuals”*, and I’ve been particularly intrigued by the odd relationship between James I and the first Duke of Buckingham. (Indeed, this Buckingham — the Buckingham of The Three Musketeers — is in part the inspiration for the character of Bizel in Lioness).

So yes, seeing this lovely Rubens of him — which I’d seen before, but like everyone else, had assumed was the work of a different artist — fills me with glee 🙂

Also, fun fact! The article mentions that the King referred to Buckingham as “Steenie” after St. Stephen, who was said to have the face of an angel. True, that! But more specifically, he was comparing him to a painting of St. Stephen that was once in his home. If that strikes you as a little odd, keep in mind James was prooooobably getting a little senile by the time he met Buckingham…

(I maintain there was probably syphilis running through the Stuarts. Blame Lord Darnley).

(Also while James I is not my favorite Stuart king, he is up there in my estimation. I like to imagine him loping around Whitehall, being eccentric and aggressively Scottish at things).

*Well, bisexual; and sexual orientation is a thoroughly 20th-century concept, anyway. But that isn’t nearly so euphonic.


– Read Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

Other Media
– Watched RiffTrax of Psychotronic Man
– Watched Penny Dreadful S1E1
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “The Problem With a Pinterest-Perfect Life”
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Baby Powder is Killing Black Women”
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Bicameralism, Part 1: The Voice of God”
– Listened to Food Stuff, “Expiration Dates: Best if Listened By”
– Listened to Food Stuff, “You Butter Believe It’s a Two-Parter: Part 1”

– NPCed for Madrigal 3. Borderline, this, since the event ended on Sunday, but I’ll allow it 😉

– Did Zombies Run! S1E20 (1.85mi in 30:16)
– Did Zombies Run! S1E21 (1.73mi in 27:44)
– Did Ninja Fitness Endurance workout #4, Agility #2, Zen #4, as well as some freeform core exercises (crunches, dead bugs, alternate heel touchers)
– Had a whole slew of medical stuff done (blood work, an appointment with an orthopedist/hand specialist, and a nerve conduction study/EMG. The latter I highly ANTI-recommend)

Picture of the Week

Again borderline, since it’s from Sunday of Madrigal. But I already know what you’re getting as next week’s pic, so here, I am, orcing it up for the final field fight of the weekend:

As you’ll recall, I made this costume for the first event of Mad3 — and aside from fifteen minutes at the campaign opener, I haven’t gotten to use it since. So when Griff approached me on Sunday and asked if I had the costume with me, I was all HELLZ YEAH.

It was also my first time really being a lieutenant/boss in a field fight! And my first time getting to throw Death effects. (Luckily for the PCs, the one I threw missed).

Pro-tip: orc skirts need a proper belt to them, or they may end up around your feet, showing off the latest in orc lingerie.

Oh, and a reminder: I’m still doing my social media hiatus, so if you want to discuss anything in this post with me, drop a comment below.

Brief Update & Accomplishments, 9/17/2017 to 9/23/2017

I live! Aside from the fact that my ulnar nerve in my left arm is no longer on speaking terms with me, I am doing pretty well, having finally crawled out of a depressive episode of over a month.

However, I have sworn off social media for the next thirty days, so if you want to reach me, the best bet is a)texting/messaging me (I’m still using FB Messenger, even if I’m not using Facebook), b) I dunno, smoke signals? I decided to try this social media sabbatical on somewhat of a lark, but I’m finding it delightful not to feel like I have the universe yelling in my ear all the time. I may never come back!

(And yes, I’m still crossposting to social media. If you want to reply to something from this post, your best bet is commenting here, because I sure won’t see it otherwise).

To be frank, I shouldn’t underplay the problem with my left arm. My pinkie and ring finger have been numb for three weeks now. I’m scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow, and to have a nerve conduction study with a physiatrist next month, but in the meantime I have no relief. I try to stay positive, but my work involves typing, and my hobbies generally do, too, so it’s exceptionally hard not being able to do what I want.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.


– Edited FSOTU story “Pinions” for writing group
– Did a second editing pass of FSOTU story “The Mirrors of Her Eyes”
– Submitted “Mirrors” to Clarkesworld (and got a prompt rejection)
– Submitted “Mirrors” to Fireside
– Did a second editing pass of FSOTU story “Granny Hubbard vs. the Giant Slime”
– Submitted “Granny Hubbard” to Daily Science Fiction

– (Re)read The Dragonbone Chair, by Tad Williams
– Read Deep Work, by Cal Newport

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “The Psychology of Tattoos”
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Women & White Supremacy”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, episode 131-133

– Took trip to New Hampshire with EB
– Visited the Hamilton Smith Memorial Chapel in Durham, NH
– Visited the Woodman Institute Museum in Dover, NH
– Visited the Madison Boulder in Madison, NH
– Stayed at Adventure Suites in North Conway, NH
– Had dinner at Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewing Company in N. Conway
– Visited the Memorial Arch of Tilton in Northfield, NH
– Visited the Franklin Pierce Manse in Concord, NH
– Visited the New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord, NH and saw the Lake Winnepesaukee Mystery Stone
– Visited the Old Man in the Mountain replica in Hooksett, NH
– Had lunch at LaLa’s Hungarian Pastries in Manchester, NH
– Visited Cat Alley in Manchester, NH
– Visited the Dancing Lion Chocolate Shop in Manchester, NH
– Visited the grave of William G. Bruce in Mont Vernon, NH
– Visited the Swing Bridge in Milford, NH
– Visited the grave of Caroline Cutter in Milford, NH
– Had dinner at Yamato Japan in Leominster, MA with EB

– Did Zombies Run! S1E18 (1.91mi in 29:55)
– Did Zombies Run! S1E19 (1.78mi in 29:05)

Picture of the Week

One of the highlights of this weekend’s New Hampshire adventure: a clamshell bed.

Rejection Log

– 2-day rejection from Clarkesworld for “The Mirrors of Her Eyes”

Links & Accomplishments, 7/30/2017 to 8/5/2017


I found this author’s ruminations on ADHD illuminating, and will probably post most about it at another time.

“In the Court of the Mad King,” by Andrew Shvarts. Scott Lynch tweeted about how modern-day politics makes for jealous fantasists, and Shvarts wrote this story in response. I would read this book, but I sure wish it wasn’t happening in my country.

Craft Beer Names Invented by Neural Network. I think the Strong Pale Ales get the best names, and I would definitely drink a beer called “Thick Back.”

My pal Django has a new fantasy trilogy coming out from Orbit!


– (Tues) Brainstormed with Skye some fixes for the ending of Lioness
– (Weds) Worked on Lioness editing ~1h

– Read “Scattered Along the River of Heaven”, by Aliette de Bodard (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “All the Painted Stars” by Gwendolyn Clare (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “Prayer” by Robert Reed (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “A Silhouette Against Armageddon” by John Wiswell (Fireside Fiction, August 2017)

Other Media
– Listened to The Training Dummies episode #170 and #171
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “The Misnomer of ‘Manterruptions’.”
– Listened to By the Book, “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money”
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class, “Ibn Battuta, the Traveler of Islam”
– Played a game of Mysterium
– Played a game of Mansions of Madness (second edition)

– Visited with Matt’s parents at the IWANE dog show; went to Bocado in Worcester for dinner
– Had dinner with EB at the Traveler Restaurant in Union, CT
– Hosted a visit from Mike and Josh

– (Mon) Ninja Fitness Agility workout #4, Strength workout #4, Zen workout #3
– (Weds) Zombies Run S1 E11 (2.16mi in 34:28)
– (Weds) NF Zen workout #3
– (Thurs) 30min walk
– (Fri) ZR S1 E12 (2.09mi in 31.13), NF Strength workout #4, NF Zen workout #3

Picture of the Week

A dramatic hibiscus flower in someone’s yard in Framingham.

Accomplishments, 7/23/2017 to 7/29/2017

– Wrote a story for week 2 of FSOTU (Codex summer flash contest)
– Wrote blog post: Becoming Shadowborn: Costuming My Shadowvale character
– Did ~45min of editing on Lioness

– Read “Last Chance”, by Nicole Kornher-Stace (Clarkesworld, July 2017)
– Read “The Bridgegroom” by Bo Balder (Clarkesworld July 2017)
– Finished Heartless by Gail Carriger

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Svalbard: Land of Snow and Apocalypse Arks”
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class, “Catalina de Erauso”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin #127
– Listened to Writing Excuses 12.30
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Work Fails”

– (Weds) Zombies, Run S1 E9 (2.20mi in 33:29)
– (Mon am/pm; Thurs am) Planks/wall sits x 3
– (Fri) Ninja Fitness Agility workout #3 and Strength workout #3 — and finally gained my yellow belt!
– (Sat) Zombies, Run S1 E10 (2.38mi in 37:35)

Links & Accomplishments, 6/4/2017 to 6/10/2017

I haven’t kept up with these very well. Oops.


Why Procrastinators Procrastinate, and the related article, How to Beat Procrastination. An oldie but a goodie. Procrastination is explained here with funny drawings and anthopomorphic pals like the Instant Gratification Monkey. I resemble… most of this. And scheduling, I can confirm, has been a great way to (sometimes but not always) get the Instant Gratification Monkey on my side.


– Attended writing group
– Worked ~1h on Lioness edits

Other Media
– Listened to Larpcast #91 and 93
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Anthropodermic Bibliopegy”
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Neurosecurity: Dawn of the Brain Hackers”
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Policing Women’s Speech”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin #120

– NPCed for Madrigal 3
– Wrote Mad3 NPC PEL

– (Mon) Ninja Fitness Strength workout #3 and Agility #1
– (Tues) Ninja Fitness Endurance workout #4 x 2 (~2.67mi at 4.5-4.7 with an incline of 0.0-2.0)
– (Tues) NF Zen workout #1
– (Tues) 1 min plank/1 min wall-sit
– (Weds) 2.34mi walk
– (Thurs) NF Strength workout #2 and #4; Zen #2
– (Fri) 1 min plank/1 min wall-sit
– (Fri) ~2.5mi walk/run with sprinting intervals
– (Sat) NF Agility workout #2

Rejection Log

– “Remember to Die”, 24-day form from Arsenika

Links & Accomplishments, 4/30/2017 to 5/6/2017


Women Are Dying Because Doctors Treat Us Like Men. In a continuing vein of “the substandard medical treatment of women really pisses me off,” I guess. I know much of what we know of heart disease, for example, comes from longitudinal studies like the Framingham Heart Study, which was all men.

Given my success with Zombies Run!, I am trying out a new fitness app for iOS: Ninja Fitness. Basically you level up your little ninja avatar, gaining different “belts”, through doing real exercises in four categories: Strength (upper body and core exercises), Agility (lower body), Endurance (running), and Zen (yoga and stretches). As you exercise you also gain stars, which you spend to unlock more exercises, as well as outfits and whatnot for your avatar. It’s not quite as slick of an app as Zombies Run!, but for 99 cents, I think it’s worth it. I’ll be switching to this for my runs where I just want to listen to my own podcasts without interruptions.


– Wrote ~2800 words on a new short story, “Swan Song”
– Wrote a new poem, “The hope of the chestnut”
– Submitted “Remember to Die” to Arsenika

– Read “Sigrid Under the Mountain”, by Charlotte Ashley (orig. in The Sockdolager; republished in Podcastle #468)
– Read “Sun, Moon, Dust,” by Ursula Vernon (Uncanny #16A)
– Read “Auspicium Melioris Aevi” by JY Yang (Uncanny #15B)
– Read “Real Ghosts”, by J.B. Park (Clarkesworld, March 2017)
– Read “I Know All of His Names”, by Kate Heartfield (Liminal Stories, Spring/Summer 2017)

– NPCed for Madrigal 3
– Wrote PEL for Mad3

Other Media
– Listened to Radical Candor episodes 5-6, 15-17
– Listened to Larpcast episode #88
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, episodes #114-115
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class, “Three Nuclear Close Calls” and “A Brief History of Foreign Food in the U.S.”
– Watched episode 13 of the new MST3K
– Watched episodes 36-39 of the Forensic Files collection
– Watched episode 1-2 of Bill Nye Saves the World

– (Mon) Did Zombies Run 5K training week 8, workout 1
– (Tues) Did Ninja Fitness strength workout #1
– (Weds) Did Zombies Run 5K training week 8, workout 2… ish. (Had technical issues)
– (Thurs) Did Ninja Fitness strength workout #2, agility workout #1, zen workout #1
– (Fri) Did Zombies Run 5K training week 8, workout 2. Completed the program, woohoo!
– (Sat) Walk in the woods, don’t know how far, maybe ~2mi?

Picture of the Week

Gaultheria procumbens, one of the many plants known as “wintergreen” (also teaberry or checkerberry). This was the only picture from when I went wildflower-spotting this weekend — a lot of spring ephemerals had passed.