Links and Accomplishments, 8/23/15 to 8/29/15


Steve Brust’s post about Who Really Runs the Hugo Awards gave me a chuckle. It’s not the cabal you thought it was!

The two sets of instructions I smooshed together to make the chemise mentioned below (not noted as finished, because I still need to hem it): one from Reconstructing History, and another from I used primarily the RH one, which was as confusing as I usually find their instructions to be; thankfully, it’s not that hard to figure out how to sew together a bunch of rectangles.

Aside from some tangles with making the casing for the drawstring (I should have heeded source #2’s advice on adding the casing before sewing on the arms), it went together fairly easily, which was a relief after all the annoyances I’ve had with sewing recently.

I See Your Preferences, Wendig by Foz Meadows. I like a lot of Chuck Wendig’s writing advice, but I thought this was a good critique of some unexamined bias and taste preferences. Loved the use of The Goblin Emperor for examples, too, since it does break a lot of storytelling rules, but garners a loyal following nonetheless.

Also Foz Meadows, but writing for A Dribble of Ink: Fight Like a Woman, which is ostensibly a review of Django Wexler’s The Shadow Throne, but actually talks about all the reasons the women in his series are awesome. Which I’ve been saying since 2011, but we can’t all have been his alpha readers.


– Wrote 2,754 words on Lioness

(I have lots of stuff in progress right now, but nothing finished this week)

Other Media
– Played Claustrophobia
– Listened to Writing Excuses 10.33, “Q&A on Pacing”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, episodes 25 and 26
– Watched lecture 3 of Brandon Sanderson’s 2013 SFF writing class at BYU
– Finished the Shadowfen Angler achievement in ESO with Falanu

– Bought linen for a chemise (to go under new velveteen gown)
– Cut out chemise pieces

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