Weekly Update, 1/29/2018 to 2/4/2018


10 Excellent Online Courses I Highly Recommend (and They’re All Free!) For my later reference. Also, I’ve done the Learning How to Learn Coursera course before, and highly recommend it. (As well as the related book, A Mind for Numbers).

Let’s talk about the fantasy of the writer’s life. In which we are all living — or wishing we lived — in an Anthropologie catalogue and/or post-war Europe, and maybe that’s not serving us very well.


– 45m work on Lioness

– Read Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “From the Vault: Tetris Syndrome” and “Don’t Drink the Salt Water”
– Listened to By the Book, “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”
– Listened to Larpcast, “Fifth Gate Recap, part 1”

– NPCed Madrigal 3 revel

– Zombies Run 5K training, week 2 workout 3 (1.83mi in 35:20)
– 10 x crunches
– 5 x alternate heel touchers
– Zombies Run 5K training, week 3 workout 1 (2.6mi in 46:19)

Picture of the Week

Trying new things with my hair. In which I look like an 1890s spinster and/or Miss Frizzle.

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