Accomplishments, 10/22/2017 to 10/28/2017

Brief Update

Last week was not a great one for me in terms of productivity. Seasonal depression is sneaking in, and I’m recovering physically from two weekends of larp in a row, which means I spend a lot more time in WoW collecting candy buckets for the Halloween event, and a lot less time running or writing or whatnot.

That said, Shadowvale this past weekend was amazing, and instantly returned all my larp floon to me. More about that later, perhaps.


Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “The Creepypasta Experiments,” “Listener Mail: Media and Memory”, and “Creepypasta 3: The SCP Foundation”, “Only Child Syndrome: Brats, Myths, and Little Emperors”
– Listened to Larpcast #94, “Customer Service.” I’ve gotten behind on this podcast…

– Staffed event 2 of Tales from the Cotting House
– Wrote PEL for 5G Silverfire event 6

– Completed the Code School “Try JQuery” course. (Mostly stuff I already knew, but I learned a few things).

– Took a 1.4mi walk

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