Links & Accomplishments, 2/12/2017 to 2/25/2017

I’ve been inconsistent about doing these, but I do like them as a record of what I’ve been up to, so I’m trying to get back in the habit…


I’ve really been enjoying Django’s “Promise Land Reloaded” series, logging his recent Crusader Kings 2 playthrough. It’s inspired me to start playing CK2 again, although I’m not nearly as skilled, or as lucky, as he is!

The Trash Heap Has Spoken. About being fat, taking up space, and role models from children’s TV — a piece I feel I could have written.

“Fieldcraft,” by Kellan Sparver. Kellan is a good friend of mine and fellow VP grad, as well as being someone I support on Patreon. I read this story ~1-2 years ago, in draft form, and loved it. It’s not SFF, per se, but it explores the experience of being bi through the metaphor of being a spy in a fascist regime. As he says, more relevant today than ever, sadly. In any case, I was pleased to see he finally made it available for y’all to read. I hope you’ll consider supporting him!


– Attended writing group

– Read Hounded by Kevin Hearne
– Re-read “Fieldcraft” by Kellan Sparver
– Read The Revenge of the Wizard’s Ghost by John Bellairs
– Read “Don’t You Worry, You Aliens” by Paul Cornell (Uncanny #13A)
– Read “Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies” by Brooke Bolander (Uncanny #13A)

Other Media
– Listened to Larpcast episode 85, “Writer’s Block”, and 83, “Community Moderation”
– Listened to Happier, episodes 101-104
– Watched the RiffTrax of Retro Puppet Master. (Which was… pretty bad. After reading The Disaster Artist, I kind of wonder why Greg Sestero has such fond memories of it, but I suppose compared to The Room, it’s Citizen fucking Kane).

– Attended Intercon
– Facilitated panels at Intercon: “Bleed in Boffer LARPs”, “Plotting by the Seat of Your Pants”, and “Thrift Store Costuming”
– Played in Kingsword at Intercon Q
– Played in Always Waltz at Intercon Q
– Ran Cracks in the Orb at Intercon Q
– NPCed for Madrigal 3 winter revel
– Finished costume for 5G Crossroads dinner/masquerade ball
– Attended 5G Crossroads dinner/masquerade ball

– Had lunch at Margaritas with Alison

– Did Zombies Run, week 3, workout 2
– Did Zombies Run, week 3, workout 3
– Did Zombies Run, week 4, workout 1
– Did Zombies Run, week 4, workout 2
– Did 20 x jackknives x 2 days
– Had a massage

My costume for the 5G Masquerade I attended this weekend. I was going for “snowy owl.”

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