Links & Accomplishments, 4/16/2017 to 4/22/2017


As I mention below, I recently did some research on the CSS Shapes specification (as well as the Clipping/Masking spec, which can work well in tandem). Unfortunately it’s not well supported yet — and given all the resources I found date from 2014, maybe it will never be — but the general idea is it allows content to flow in non-rectangular shapes. Kind of a neat paradigm shift for laying things out on the web, I thought. Here’s some more info on it:


– Worked on Lioness edits (~90 mins total)

– Read “The Hulder’s Husband Says Don’t,” by Kate Lechler, Fireside Fiction, April 2017
– Read “It Happened To Me: I Was Brought Back to Avenge My Death, But Chose Justice Instead,” Nino Cipri, Fireside Fiction, April 2017
– Read Soulless, by Gail Carriger

Other Media
– Watched episodes 5-11, 14 of the new MST3K
– Watched episodes 24-33 of the Forensic Files collection
– Listened to Radical Candor, episodes 1-2
– Saw the RiffTrax Live of Samurai Cop

Apparently the Forensic Files episodes on Netflix aren’t the whole series, just a collection of episodes from various seasons. So these numbers have no actual basis in anything but Netflix itself. Oh well — I’m enjoying it, nonetheless.

– Visited several Atlas Obscura sites with EB: Johnny Ro Veterans Memorial Park, birthplace of Johnny Appleseed, the gravestone of Joseph Palmer, and the Rollstone Boulder

– Had a not-so-fun (but minor) medical procedure
– Went contra dancing at the Concord Scout House with Alison
– Took a 1.4mi walk

With the Unpleasant Medical Procedure, it was not a good week for running, alas, but I at least got some exercise in and didn’t stay idle.

– Did a developer self-directed day on CSS Shapes and Clipping/Masking

Picture of the Week

Lise presents: a rock so beloved the town of Fitchburg blew it up, glued it back together, and stuck it in the middle of a traffic circle.

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