Links & Accomplishments – 9/25/16 to 10/1/16


Alduin the World-Eater cake – I told Alison I wanted this for my birthday, only 10 times bigger and wearing a dingo costume. For free, of course.


– Watched S1E6 of Lovejoy, “To Sleep No More”
– listened to Hardcore History’s “King of Kings,” part 1

– Apple-picking with Becky et al

– (Mon, Tues) 2 x 20m Wii Fit strength training
– (Weds, Thurs) 2 x 1.4-mi walk
– (Tues, Thurs) Used my sun lamp x 2

– Made death mitigation tokens for Ianthe. And then promptly forgot them at home. *headdesk*
– Played in Fifth Gate Silverfire game 4

Rejection Log

56-day personal from Flash Fiction Online for “Remember to Die.” I did make it to the final round, however!

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