Links & Accomplishments, 1/15/2017 to 1/21/2017

Have you been introduced to the joy that is Wholesome Memes? It’s:

  • Arguably the only wholesome community on Reddit,
  • Full of earnest, non-ironic generosity and kindness,
  • One of the secrets to staying sane this winter,
  • Cures terminal cancer of the soul.

One of my favorites:

If this doesn’t make your heart grow three sizes, you may want to consider having it replaced, as you are now legally dead.


– Worked on Lioness edits x 2
– Wrote blog post: “The sleeper must awaken: meditations on climbing and new experiences”

Other Media
– Listened to Happier episode 97
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class episodes: “Beer History with Erik Lars Myers”, “Unearthed: Piltdown Man”, “Unearthed, Part 1,” and “Unearthed, Part 2”, and “Maccabean Revolt”
– Listened to Larpcast 82, “Convention Larping”

– Attended Mel’s birthday party

– (Weds) Rock climbing with Jess
– (Thurs) 11am planks
– (Thurs) 6min stationary bike plus 1.5mi walk/run (Zombies Run week 2-ish)
– (Fri) 45-min walk

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