Links & Accomplishments, 10/16/2016 to 10/22/2016


Recent study provides additional evidence for link between diet beverages and weight gain. This study compared weight loss in people — all of whom were on the same diet and exercise regimen — who drank diet beverages after a meal with those who drank only water. The folks in the diet beverage condition lost significantly less weight than those in the water-only condition. Notably, those in the diet beverage condition, while having the same calorie intake, ate more carbs. The researchers hypothesize “that artificial sweeteners may raise the hedonic desire for sweetened and more energy-dense foods.”

(Believe me, this makes me pretty unhappy, too — ask me about my extensive collection of sugar-free coffee syrups!)

Having read the study, I have to say their research methods seem pretty solid, although the sample size, especially after people dropped out of the study, was pretty small.


– Prepped next three chapters of Lioness for writing group

– Read Grunt, by Mary Roach

– Watched Dragonwyck (1946)
– Watched Gordon the Pirate/Gordon il pirata nero (1961)
– Watched The Brain-washing of John Hayes, a 1955 episode of TV Reader’s Digest
– Listened to Larpcast episodes 69 and 74

– Attended Mel’s D&D bachelorette party

– Zombies Run Week 2, workout 1
– Zombies Run Week 2, workout 2
– 20m Wii Fit strength training

Rejection Log

39-day form from Podcastle for “Powder of Sympathy”

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