Links & Accomplishments, 10/9/2016 to 10/15/2016

autumn fruit


The Seven Sins of Memory, on Psychology Today. An older article, but still interesting. I think I stumbled across this from a Snopes article discussing the so-called “Mandela effect.”


– Wrote blog post, “How to construct an orc shaman costume”

– Read The Sleep Revolution, by Arianna Huffington


– Listened to Larpcast episodes 58-59, 64, 66, 73, 78

– Bid Cracks in the Orb for Intercon M
– Submitted 5G Silver game 4 PEL (this was last week, but I forgot to include it there)

– (Tues) Zombies Run Week 1, workout 2
– (Weds) 1.4m walk
– (Thurs) 20 x jackknives
– (Fri) Zombies Run Week 1, workout 3

Author: Lise

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