Links & Accomplishments, 10/2/16 to 10/8/16

Version 2
Me and some beautiful woodwork, on Saturday morning of Cafe Casablanca.


How It Feels to Learn JavaScript in 2016. My friend Pickle shared this with me, wanting my take on it as a front-end developer. It’s all absolutely, infuriatingly true — but also completely unnecessary to be successful as a front-end dev. I guarantee you I don’t have to deal with almost any of this stuff at work; I guarantee you half the people on my team have no idea what any of this stuff is about. Out here in the real, unsexy world, we still all use Ajax and JQuery and OOP models. These are things that have stood the test of time — in technology terms, at least, which means they’re still only about toddler-aged.


– Wrote a blog post, “Boss monster: anticipatory anxiety”

– Listened to episode 85 of Happier with Gretchen Rubin
– Listened to back episodes of Larpcast: 68, 71, 72, 75-77

– Played in Cafe Casablanca in Rockford, IL

– (Mon) 3k walk/run
– (Tues) 2.68k walk/run
– (Tues) Used my sun lamp
– (Thurs) Zombies Run Week 1, workout 1
– (Fri) 30m walk/run

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