Links & Accomplishments, 3/12/2017 to 3/18/2017


Lilou the Pig is a therapy pig that works at the San Francisco airport. She also has an Instagram account, for all your adorable piggie-related needs. Here’s Lilou dressed up for St. Paddy’s Day:*

* Disclaimer: Lise does not support the weird fetishization of Irish culture that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. She does, however, support adorable piglets wearing hats.


– Worked on Lioness edits x 1 (~1h)

– Cooked mouclade for Alison and Matt S.

– Visited Alison and had tea at Dunbar Tea House in Sandwich, MA

Other Media
– Listened to The Training Dummies #148 and #157
– Listened to a loooooot of Stuff You Missed in History Class episodes: “Speaking with Auschwitz Survivor Michael Bernstein,” “Lady Jane Grey, the Nine-day Queen,” “The King’s Evil and the Royal Touch,” “John Kidwell and the Founding of Hawaii’s Pineapple Industry,” “Edmonia Lewis,” “Henry Dunant, Founder of the Red Cross”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin #108
– Watched all of the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell miniseries

– (Monday) Zombies run 5K training: week 5, workout 3 (3.22mi)
– (Friday) Zombies run 5K training: week 6, workout 1 (3.18mi)
– Had a massage

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