Links and Accomplishments, 10/3/15 to 10/17/15

So pretty, and yet so invasive…

I’ve decided to do these only every two weeks — writing this up takes time I’d rather spend doing something else, and preparing two weeks doesn’t take significantly longer than one. Also, I bore you less often 😉


My coworker Val turned me on to the joy of Craft Fail and Pintester, two blogs which are comfort food for people whose craft projects never turn out like the pretty pictures. (Protip: I am that sort of person).

10 Underrated Perks of Working for Someone Else. I think I like the title spelled out by the URL better than the final title 🙂 I’m pretty happy working for the Man most of the time.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead; You Just Don’t Know What the Fuck It is. Brought to you by Better Myths, the folks who offer entertaining explanations of many different myths and legends. Wise points about horses as medieval WMDs 🙂

Green Stain Fungus Fruiting. These are a lot smaller than TES IV: Oblivion led me to believe.

How Doctors Take Women’s Pain Less Seriously. You might have seen me share this on Facebook, but it made me so angry (and sad, and terrified) that I want to share it again. I want every doctor, every nurse, every person who has ever worked in healthcare, to read this.


– Alpha-read the first four chapters of SC4 for Django

Other Media
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, episode 32 and 33
– Listened to Writing Excuses episode 10.40 and 10.41
– Reached VR5 with Falanu in ESO

– Wrote my NPC PEL for 5G Wrathborn 2
– NPCed for Shadows of Amun game 10

– Went to the RiffTrax Live of Miami Connection with Adina and Brian
– Went apple-picking and to lunch at the Rail Trail with Becky K et al

– Had a cardiac calcium scan
– Had a stress test
– Did 11am/3pm office exercises x 8
– Did Hacker’s Diet Introductory Fitness Ladder workout (rung 1) x 1
– Did Hacker’s Diet Introductory Fitness Ladder workout (rung 2) x 3
– 40min walk x 4
– Walked to the Stop & Shop and back, carrying groceries (1.4m walk)

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