Accomplishments, 12/25/2017 to 12/31/2017

– Did oodles of hours of editing on Lioness, and finally completed structural edits!
– Sent Lioness to my beta readers

– Read “Fade to White,” by Catherynne M. Valente (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “Astrophilia,” by Carrie Vaughn (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “If the Mountain Comes,” by An Owomoyela (Clarkesworld Year Six)

Other Media
– Got my druid Wodehouse to 110 in WoW! *confetti*
– Listened to The Training Dummies, episodes 174, 182, 189, and 190

– Visited my mom in Plattsburgh, NY
– Attended the Mangios’ New Year’s Eve party

Accomplishments, 12/18/2017 to 12/24/2017

– Worked on Lioness edits ~30m

– Read Life in a Medieval Village, by Frances Gies
– Read “All the Things the Moon is Not,” by Alexander Lumans (Clarkesworld Year Six)

Other Media
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, episodes 146-148
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class, “Esther Cox and the Great Amherst Mystery”

– Did Zombies Run! S2E7 (2.12mi in 39:36)

Accomplishments, 12/11/2017 to 12/17/2017

I’m starting to do these Monday-Sunday, for convenience sake. (Because a lot of my weekend events fall over two logs).

– (Fri) Worked on Lioness edits ~1h
– (Sat) Worked on Lioness edits ~1.5h

– Read โ€œIn Which Faster-than-Light Travel Solves All Our Problems,โ€ by Chris Stabback (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read โ€œThe Womb Factory, by Peter M. Ferenczi (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “Draftyhouse,” by Erik Amundsen (Clarkesworld Year Six)

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “This Present Moment: Philosophy & Neuroscience”
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Ophiocordyceps: Fungal Puppet Masters”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin #145
– Listened to By the Book, “The Little Book of Hygge”

– Visited with my mom when she visited Boston for a lung transplant info session

– Did first Fit for Battle quest – 1.8m in 30min
– Fit for Battle free run – 1.3m in 20min
– Did freeform core exercises – 5 x crunches, 5 x jackknives, 10 x alternate heel touchers, 10 x dead bugs
– Did Zombies Run supply run (1.48mi in 24:33)
– Freeform core exercises – 6 x alternate heel touchers, 10 x crunches

Accomplishments, 11/5/2017 to 11/11/2017

– Read “The Secret Life of Bots,” by Suzanne Palmer (Clarkesworld, September 2017)
– Read “How the Maine Coon Cat Learned to Love the Sea,” by Seanan McGuire, (Uncanny #17). Highly recommended to anyone who likes SFF, Seanan McGuire, or Maine coon cats!
– Read “Shadow Man, Sack Man, Half Dark, Half Light,” by Malon Edwards (Podcastle #495)

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You, “Are Men Messier Than Women?”
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Optography: Image in a Dead Man’s Eye”
– Listened to Happier with Gretchen Rubin #138
– Listened to Uncanny Magazine podcast, episode #17A

– (Mon) Did Zombies Run! S2E5 (2.53mi in 42:22)
– (Weds) Did Zombies Run supply run (1.10mi in 20:33)
– (Weds) Did some core exercises: 10 x each of alternate heel touchers, jackknives, and dead bugs
– (Thurs) Did ZR S2E6 (2.05mi in 32:53)
– (Thurs) Core exercises: 10 x alternate heel touchers

KOTN does Antorus the Burning Throne

The new WoW raid tier — the final raid in Legion, unless Blizz does a bamboozle — came out last week, and my guild (Knights of the Night, US-Duskwood/Bloodhoof-Alliance) was there!

Right now we’ve downed everything on Normal difficulty but Argus the Unmaker (the final boss); we probably would have gotten him this week if we extended our lockout. But our philosophy right now is kinda “after this there’s probably going to be a content drought until the next expansion,” so we’re in no particular hurry.

So, observations:

– We got the server-first kill of Garothi Worldbreaker (the first boss) on Normal. This is not a particularly notable accomplishment; it just reflects that we raid on Tuesday night. We have since been surpassed by most of the heroic raiding guilds that update their stats to warcraftlogs (and the one mythic raiding guild on our server).

– On Felhounds of Sargeras, this exchange happened:

“They’re good dogs, Illidan.”
“But are these puppers, doggos, or woofers?”
“The purple one is a doggo, and the other one is a woofer, clearly”
“Apologies for asking such an obvious question.”

– Also the Felhounds make noises that remind me of the hounds in Don’t Starve.

– I wonder how many groups have wiped to the SURPRISE BOSS that spawns right in front of a teleporter.

– Eonar’s tower defense game is kinda fun. “Did she just invite us to walk through her legs to her grove?”

– Our tanks haaaaate Varimathras — since basically their job is to STAND ABSOLUTELY STILL, occasionally taunt, and become unhealable for 7 seconds at a time. We had a few awkward wipes at first, as they worked to get the positioning right; now it’s just a boring tank and spank.

(I didn’t believe the Fatboss guides when they called it a “Patchwerk-style fight”; those don’t exist any more, really. But while it does have SOME mechanics, if you’re not a tank your job is basically to move between two spots on the floor and heal or dps. If you’re not a melee dps, that’s pretty much all you need to worry about on Normal).

– “I guess we’re all just disappointed that Varimathras wasn’t Jaina.” “So Blizz made this fight even more disappointing?”

– On the contrary, our tanks looooove the Aggramar fight, mostly due to the wacky Taeshalach maneuver.

– Compared to Mistress Sasszine’s fishy death laser in Tomb, Hasabel’s distinctly non-fishy death laser is inferior.

– The Torment of Norgannon in the Coven of Shivarra fight has been dubbed “creepy old man wall.”

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Accomplishments, 11/26/2017 to 12/2/2017

– Read “And the Hollow Space Inside,” Mari Ness (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “What Everyone Remembers,” Rahul Kanakia (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “The Bells of Subsidence,” Michael John Grist (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “The Switch,” Sarah Stanton (Clarkesworld Year Six)
– Read “Sunlight Society,” Margaret Ronald (Clarkesworld Year Six)

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “Ig Nobels 2017” episodes 1-3
– Played Magic Maze, Karuba, Pioneers, and 7 Wonders

Accomplishments 11/19/2017 to 11/25/2017

– Read The Tethered Mage, by Melissa Caruso

– Attended Kaleidoscopic Consequences in Christchurch, Dorset, UK
– Played in “Volcano’s Edge” at Consequences
– Played in “The Final Cut” at Consequences

Travel/Social – all in London
– Visited the Victoria & Albert Museum with Kim and Dave
– Visited the Natural History Museum
– Walked around Vauxhall, Lambeth, and Battersea
– Visited Battersea Park
– Took a hop-on hop-off bus tour of London
– Visited the Science Museum
– Visited the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park
– Had dinner at the Morpeth Arms (this “spy pub” on Atlas Obscura)
– Had dinner with Brian W, Kim and Dave near Victoria tube station

Moving into my own life

The maple tree in front of my house, in one of those rare moments when my yard didn’t look like a dump.

There are a few places this post could begin.

I could start by noting that I have a bad case of ‘grass-is-greener’-ism. Every time I walk down a residential street, I look in the windows and think of the life I could be having there, and how it would be different from the life I lead now.

I could start by talking about my occasional fancies to move some place closer to work or hobbies. Waltham (between Matt’s work and mine), Sturbridge (close to larp sites!), and the apartment complex down the street from my office have all been entertained.

I could mention the vast number of items under the “Habitat” heading on my newest 101 Goals in 1001 Days list.

I could talk about my love of a fresh start; how I love (on some level) the process of simplifying that comes with moving, and how I fear our house is filling with unculled cruft.

But I think I’ll start with an episode of Happier with Gretchen Rubin: episode 125, “Plan a Virtual Move,”, and what it made me realize:

I don’t actually have to move to start living in a new place.

Moving is as much a state of mind as anything — admittedly, one I’ve been rotten at cultivating. It’s deliberate life design: “who am I going to be when I live here?” Our surroundings mold us as much as we form them.

Moving is also really freaking hard, on an emotional and physical level.

Maybe that’s why I’ve pushed house-related inconveniences and infelicities off as a “tomorrow problem,” dreaming of living somewhere else, rather than fixing the things that are right in front of me.

So, starting in 2018, I am moving — into my own life. I am going to do the things you do when you move: go through my crap and getting rid of what no longer suits, make our house into a comfortable place to live, and keep it that way through regular maintenance. I am going to make it the sort of place I love to spend time, instead of the kind of place I dread to come home to.

I might even try to repair our relationship with our neighbors ๐Ÿ™

The nice thing is? Compared to 2006, when we bought this house, I have a lot more disposable income, and can pay people to do things I don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do. Like mow our lawn, or renovate the bathroom.

Also this doesn’t involve renting a truck or hiring movers, which I consider a win.

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Accomplishments, 10/29/2017 to 11/4/2017

Brief Update

Urk. Daylight Savings Time. I’m going to blame this for the fact that I feel groggy and like everything is insurmountable today. Or maybe it’s the four weekends of larp in a row. Or maybe it’s Mondays. Anyway, have some bullet points:

  • Looks like I finally have a date (maybe?) for surgery for my ulnar neuropathy — next Monday! I still have no idea what time, though!
  • One of the electrical circuits in our house seems to be fried, post-returning from Shadowvale.
  • Also in post-SV funtimes news, we broke the rear windshield of the Subaru leaving site, and had to drive the 40 miles home with a seashell-patterned tablecloth over the back of the car. We avoided decidedly non-whimsical state troopers, and it’s now repaired, thankfully.
  • I only NPCed Friday of Mad3, in the dim hopes of getting some rest. Instead I still royally fucked up my sleep schedule, and all I have are regrets that the Emerald Baroness had to miss the Harrowing masquerade.
  • Brianna seems to be doing okay?
  • I leave in ~10 days for England!


– Read “White Fox,” by L.P. Lee, Podcastle #492
– Read “The Fall Shall Further the Flight in Me,” by Rachael K. Jones, Podcastle #493

– PCed event 2 of Shadowvale
– NPCed for Friday night of Madrigal 3 event… 7?

Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind: “MSG: Umami and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”, “Creepypasta 4: More SCP, Polybius, and Grifter,” and “The Monstrosity/Cuteness Spectrum”
– Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class, “Carl Tanzler’s Corpse Bride”
– Watched the RiffTrax of Mind Ripper, a little-known (for good reason) Wes Craven movie
– Got the Hallowed Be Thy Name achievement in WoW
– Listened to Larpcast #101, “Staff Qualities”
– Listened to By the Book, “Bonus Episode: Season One Wrap-Up”

– Had an appointment with an endocrinologist
– Took a 1.4mi walk
– Zombies Run supply run, 1.45mi in 23:02
– ZR airdrop mission, 1.67mi in 34:39 (just a walk, no running)

Picture(s) of the Week

Okay, I have to share both a Shadowvale and a Mad3 pic.

Fellow SV player Paul F (Gideon), snapped this pic of Melusina playing cool on Saturday of the event.

My new Mad3 NPC, Lady Ironwright, a Blacktallow noblewoman who was bound to a demon to save her life. The PCs got to rescue her from her demonbound captors this event. If there’s anything cuter than demon horns and a tiny hat, I’d like to know what.

Accomplishments, 10/22/2017 to 10/28/2017

Brief Update

Last week was not a great one for me in terms of productivity. Seasonal depression is sneaking in, and I’m recovering physically from two weekends of larp in a row, which means I spend a lot more time in WoW collecting candy buckets for the Halloween event, and a lot less time running or writing or whatnot.

That said, Shadowvale this past weekend was amazing, and instantly returned all my larp floon to me. More about that later, perhaps.


Other Media
– Listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, “The Creepypasta Experiments,” “Listener Mail: Media and Memory”, and “Creepypasta 3: The SCP Foundation”, “Only Child Syndrome: Brats, Myths, and Little Emperors”
– Listened to Larpcast #94, “Customer Service.” I’ve gotten behind on this podcast…

– Staffed event 2 of Tales from the Cotting House
– Wrote PEL for 5G Silverfire event 6

– Completed the Code School “Try JQuery” course. (Mostly stuff I already knew, but I learned a few things).

– Took a 1.4mi walk

Picture of the Week

What it looks like when I pack for Shadowvale… a pile o’ black.